Monthly Archives: October 2012

How Is K9 Immunity Made?

Dear Friends, From time to time, we receive questions regarding how K9Immunity is made and what makes it superior to other similar products on the market. I wanted to share that process with you. It may seem a bit technical, but I think it really explains in detail why our product is the best on [...]

Soothe A Frightened Pooch

Dear Friends, With winter on its way, here is a good tip from "First" magazine on how to "Soothe a frightened pooch". "If thunderstorms cause your furry friends to shake, whimper and pace the floor, try rubbing your thumb against the area slightly above the midpoint between his eyes for 2 minutes. Why it works: [...]

Helping Your Dog Recover Injury, Illness or Surgery

Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, it is important to look after his needs, ensure he has time and space to recuperate and follow the directions given to you by your veterinarian.  Being a strong leader is sometimes harder for us during this process because we feel sorry for our [...]

Halloween Tips For Furry Family Members

Dear Friends, Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone but can be a little FRIGHTENING for our furry family members. The following tips came from my vet and I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are some tips to make Halloween fun and safe for them too. BRING YOUR DOG [...]

TripawdsTake A Bite Out Of Canine Cancer!

K9Medicinals Sponsors Greyhounds Rock Keynote On November 4th, is pleased to sponsor the morning keynote session at the 7th Annual Greyhounds Rock "Take A Bite Out Of Canine Cancer" conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This keynote session will be an inspirational discussion about living with canine cancer and coping with your dog's diagnosis. The talk [...]