Monthly Archives: February 2013

Check Us Out On Pinterest

Dear Friends, We are having a blast with social media. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. Meredith ( wonderful daughter) is having lots of fun "pinning" on our Pinterest board. Check our Pinterest board to see great pictures of our dogs, customer's dogs, flowers in my garden, recipes and all of [...]

How To Ease a Furry Friend’s Joint Pain

Dear Friends, Is your furry friend having joint pain, trouble getting up stairs or getting around in general? We have had amazing reports of success using our K9Full Flex. It is all natural, made in the U.S. and comes in a liver flavored chewable wafer. You can go to our "Testimonials" page to read some [...]

No Fuss Way To Give Your Dogs His Meds

Dear Friends, We get lots of questions about how to give your "pup" his meds. We have had luck trying these different methods. Peanut butter is your go-to for concealing the bitter taste of your dog's liquid mediciation, but if you run out, try mixing the meds with 1/4 cup of natural applesauce instead. The [...]