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Helping Your Dog Recover Injury, Illness or Surgery

Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, it is important to look after his needs, ensure he has time and space to recuperate and follow the directions given to you by your veterinarian.  Being a strong leader is sometimes harder for us during this process because we feel sorry for our [...]

Halloween Tips For Furry Family Members

Dear Friends, Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone but can be a little FRIGHTENING for our furry family members. The following tips came from my vet and I wanted to share them with all of you. Here are some tips to make Halloween fun and safe for them too. BRING YOUR DOG [...]

TripawdsTake A Bite Out Of Canine Cancer!

K9Medicinals Sponsors Greyhounds Rock Keynote On November 4th, K9Medicinals.com is pleased to sponsor the morning keynote session at the 7th Annual Greyhounds Rock "Take A Bite Out Of Canine Cancer" conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This keynote session will be an inspirational discussion about living with canine cancer and coping with your dog's diagnosis. The talk [...]

K9 Immunity Plus and K9 Full Flex On Sale-check us out!!

Dear Friends, In order to try to help as many dogs as possible, I have lowered the price on all sizes of K9Immunity Plus and K9 Full Flex.  I will keep these prices as long as possible, but I don't know how long that will be.  So, if you have been wanting to try either [...]

Early Warning Signs of Dog Cancer

The 10 early warning signs of Dog Cancer: Weight loss Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow-be sure and check lymph node areas Loss of appetite Persistent lameness or soreness Difficulty breathing, urinitation or defacation Offensive odor Sores that don't heal Bleeding or discharge Difficulty eating or swallowing Hesitation to exercise or tiredness Don't [...]

How Do You Like Our New Site And New Products?

Dear Friends, Well, our new website has been live for a week or so now.  We hope you like it and would love to have your feedback regarding the new look as well as the new products we have added. So far, the comments we have received have been really positive, but we are open [...]

Welcome To Our New Look.

Dear Friends, Welcome to our new look!  We hope you like it.  We have added new testimonials, new products for pets and humans and developed a site that is more user friendly.  I would really appreciate your feedback.  Just let me know if there is anything you especially like, don't like or think we should [...]

Happy Veterans Days

Dear Friends, Today is the day we honor our service men, women and canines for their service and sacrifice. Please thank a veteran! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your service. Blessings, Dorla, Bogie and Baby

How To Deal With A Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Dear Friends, This week I've talked to several of you whose dogs have just received the terrible diagnosis of cancer. Listening to your stories always brings back to me all of those feelings when Rosie was diagnosed. I remember being absolutely devastated and my heart aches for all of you going through this. I recall [...]

Skin Problems Solved with Total Zymes Plus

Happy Sunday Morning Dear Friends, I hope you all are hanging out in your p.j.'s with a faithful pet, reading the newspaper and having one more cup of coffee. Sundays are great days for spending some quality time with our canine and feline family members. Bogie and Baby have had breakfast and are down for [...]

Beware Imitations

Dear Friends, This week I've received several calls from folks who used K9 Immunity™ with great success and then switched to what they thought were similar products made by other companies. Their dogs immediately took a turn for the worse and they went back to K9 Medicinals products. Fortunately, their dogs rebounded and are now [...]

The Vacation is Over

Dear Friends, I have been a "bad" girl. Without meaning to, I took a vacation from "blogging." I went to France to visit friends in May and didn't have time to write, although I did have a great time! One of the most fun things was seeing all of the French dogs. In France, dogs [...]