Beware Imitations


Dear Friends, This week I've received several calls from folks who used K9 Immunity™ with great success and then switched to what they thought were similar products made by other companies. Their dogs immediately took a turn for the worse and they went back to K9 Medicinals products. Fortunately, their dogs rebounded and are now [...]

Beware Imitations2017-02-07T14:40:27-08:00

The Vacation is Over


Dear Friends, I have been a "bad" girl. Without meaning to, I took a vacation from "blogging." I went to France to visit friends in May and didn't have time to write, although I did have a great time! One of the most fun things was seeing all of the French dogs. In France, dogs [...]

The Vacation is Over2017-02-07T14:40:27-08:00
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