Happy Veterans Days

Dear Friends, Today is the day we honor our service men, women and canines for their service and sacrifice. Please thank a veteran! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your service. Blessings, Dorla, Bogie and Baby

How To Deal With A Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Dear Friends, This week I've talked to several of you whose dogs have just received the terrible diagnosis of cancer. Listening to your stories always brings back to me all of those feelings when Rosie was diagnosed. I remember being absolutely devastated and my heart aches for all of you going through this. I recall [...]

Beware Imitations

Dear Friends, This week I've received several calls from folks who used K9 Immunity™ with great success and then switched to what they thought were similar products made by other companies. Their dogs immediately took a turn for the worse and they went back to K9 Medicinals products. Fortunately, their dogs rebounded and are now [...]

The Vacation is Over

Dear Friends, I have been a "bad" girl. Without meaning to, I took a vacation from "blogging." I went to France to visit friends in May and didn't have time to write, although I did have a great time! One of the most fun things was seeing all of the French dogs. In France, dogs [...]