Dear Friends,

I have been a “bad” girl. Without meaning to, I took a vacation from “blogging.” I went to France to visit friends in May and didn’t have time to write, although I did have a great time! One of the most fun things was seeing all of the French dogs. In France, dogs are welcome everywhere, including 5 star restaurants. Cafes even have their own dogs. Every shop has a bowl of water for dogs and the restaurants immediately serve dogs water and a treat as soon as the owner is seated. The French seem to love all types of dogs and each dog is well behaved. I never saw a French dog misbehave or bark. I sure wish I knew the secret and could teach it to Bogie and Baby!

After returning from France, I had a very busy summer and blogging took a back seat to working with our staff and customers as well as helping with canine non profit charity work. I am committed to writing again and am looking forward to sharing some of the inspiring stories of our customers and friends. We are currently working on rewriting some of the copy on our website to give everyone even more information about our products and answering some of the questions that you all have posed over the years. So look for that soon.

Bogie and Baby are doing well. Bogie just had a “tune-up” that included having his teeth cleaned and an ear flushed out under anesthetic. Bassets are prone to ear infections and we had been fighting this one for a while. He is all better now thanks to Dr. Mike of Desert Hills Animal Hospital in Sparks, Nevada. Great vet!

Can’t wait to catch everyone up on all of the happenings here from the last few months. Please write me and share your stories, tips and info. I promise to do a better job of staying in touch. Please, please “like” us on Facebook so we can get the word out about our products, help more dogs and then have more money to donate to charity.

Thank you all for your patience. Hope you had a nice summer as well. Looking forward to the crisp days of fall and cool walks with the hounds. I’ll be in touch.


Dorla, Bogie and Baby