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K9 Immunity Plus has a new look and taste!


Dear Friends, You may have noticed K9Immunity Plus wafers have a new look and taste. Please don't panic, it is the same ingredients, but in a softer and easier to chew wafer. You will also smell the difference. The wafers now have a "fishy" smell that dogs love. We have had calls asking if the [...]

K9 Immunity Plus has a new look and taste!2014-11-06T13:07:57-08:00

We are back from Blogpaws!


Dear Friends, I just got back from a wonderful conference for everyone who "blogs" about pets. It is called "Blogpaws" and was in Henderson, Nevada. Wow-we met so many nice people and pets. I learned lots of great information, I will be sharing with you in my next posts. K9Medicinals.com and Dogcancer.net also sponsored a [...]

We are back from Blogpaws!2017-02-07T14:40:21-08:00

Great New Product In The Fight Against Canine Cancer!!!


Dear Friends, Big news! I am so excited to share that we have now added "Apocaps" to our product line. Dr. Damien Dressler, DVM, talks about the use of Apocaps, with K9Immunity, in his book about preventing and treating dog cancer. It is the 1-2 punch to fight canine cancer. Apocaps is a powder that [...]

Great New Product In The Fight Against Canine Cancer!!!2014-03-27T09:00:25-08:00

How Does K9 Immunity Work?


Dear Friends, We just received a question from a customer whose vet was concerned that K9Immunity boosts the immune system and by doing so might also feed cancer cells. Not so!! Here is the straight scoop directly from Dr. John Holliday, who developed K9Immunity. He says, "K9 Immunity is NOT an immune stimulant, it is [...]

How Does K9 Immunity Work?2017-02-07T14:40:21-08:00

Check Us Out On Pinterest


Dear Friends, We are having a blast with social media. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. Meredith ( wonderful daughter) is having lots of fun "pinning" on our Pinterest board. Check our Pinterest board to see great pictures of our dogs, customer's dogs, flowers in my garden, recipes and all of [...]

Check Us Out On Pinterest2013-02-09T08:45:18-08:00

How To Ease a Furry Friend’s Joint Pain


Dear Friends, Is your furry friend having joint pain, trouble getting up stairs or getting around in general? We have had amazing reports of success using our K9Full Flex. It is all natural, made in the U.S. and comes in a liver flavored chewable wafer. You can go to our "Testimonials" page to read some [...]

How To Ease a Furry Friend’s Joint Pain2013-02-09T08:44:20-08:00

No Fuss Way To Give Your Dogs His Meds


Dear Friends, We get lots of questions about how to give your "pup" his meds. We have had luck trying these different methods. Peanut butter is your go-to for concealing the bitter taste of your dog's liquid mediciation, but if you run out, try mixing the meds with 1/4 cup of natural applesauce instead. The [...]

No Fuss Way To Give Your Dogs His Meds2013-02-09T08:33:52-08:00

How To Keep Your Pet Away From Your Christmas Tree


Dear Friends, Well, it's Christmas time-the most joyful time of the year! First Magazine had some great advice for pet owners with live Christmas trees-- "Your furry friend must be in the holiday spirit-he keeps trying to lap up the treated water in your Christmas-tree stand. To break him of the habit before he winds [...]

How To Keep Your Pet Away From Your Christmas Tree2012-12-06T21:27:03-08:00

Check Out Dogcancer.net


Dear Friends, Please check out this great website--Dogcancer.net. You will find outstanding articles and great information on different types of dog cancer, treatment as well as outstanding scientific explanations of what is going on if your pet has received a cancer diagnosis. When Rosie was first diagnosed with cancer, this is the site that really [...]

Check Out Dogcancer.net2017-02-07T14:40:22-08:00

How Is K9 Immunity Made?


Dear Friends, From time to time, we receive questions regarding how K9Immunity is made and what makes it superior to other similar products on the market. I wanted to share that process with you. It may seem a bit technical, but I think it really explains in detail why our product is the best on [...]

How Is K9 Immunity Made?2012-10-31T07:54:04-08:00

Soothe A Frightened Pooch


Dear Friends, With winter on its way, here is a good tip from "First" magazine on how to "Soothe a frightened pooch". "If thunderstorms cause your furry friends to shake, whimper and pace the floor, try rubbing your thumb against the area slightly above the midpoint between his eyes for 2 minutes. Why it works: [...]

Soothe A Frightened Pooch2012-10-22T19:45:14-08:00
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