K9Medicinals Sponsors Greyhounds Rock Keynote

It's better to hop on three legs than limp on four tripawds.comOn November 4th, K9Medicinals.com is pleased to sponsor the morning keynote session at the 7th Annual Greyhounds Rock “Take A Bite Out Of Canine Cancer” conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This keynote session will be an inspirational discussion about living with canine cancer and coping with your dog’s diagnosis. The talk is being presented by Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano, the founders of Tripawds.com, the world’s largest online community for canine amputees and their humans.

Over 300 people are expected to attend the educational event, which directly benefits the Ohio State University’s Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. The OSU program plays a vital role in the advancement of canine cancer studies in greyhounds, which ultimately contributes to the health of all dogs.

Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano

Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano, the founders of Tripawds.com

As a breed, Greyhounds are disproportionately affected by bone cancers that originate in limbs, such as osteosarcoma, which typically requires amputation in order to preserve quality of life. Many pet parents naturally recoil at the thought of amputating their dog’s limb, but Tripawds exsists to show them that dogs are born with “three legs and a spare.”

As an Internet-based resource for canine amputation and life on three legs, each day hundreds of pet guardians turn to Tripawds for helpful information and hope when amputation is the only choice to preserve quality of life, whether due to cancer, accidents or birth defects.

Oncologist and veterinarians from around the world refer clients to Tripawds for support and K9Medicinals is pleased to aid the efforts of this active online community.

Rene and Jim founded the Tripawds community in 2006 after their dog Jerry’s amputation due to bone cancer. When he was given just months to live, the couple sold their Northen California home and bought an RV to travel the country enjoying the time they had left with Jerry, who survived for two years loving life on three legs. The couple attributes Jerry’s longevity in part to his K9Immunity clinical trial. Their story was featured in the “Nature” documentary, “Why We Love Cats and Dogs,” which first aired on PBS in 2009.

Rene and Jim will be co-presenting with notable speakers including environmental activist Fabien Cousteau and Dr. Nancy Gustafson, DVM, MS, DACVR, at The Regional Veterinary Referral Center in Springfiled, VA. For more information, please visit http://greyhoundsrock.org. You can also check out Tripawds page on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tripawds.

Whether you have a Greyhound, a dog who has lost a limb or not, this is going to be a great conference. If you are in the area or within driving distance, I hope you will check it out.

It is our honor and pleasure to be associated with these fine organizations.