Dear Friends,

This week I’ve talked to several of you whose dogs have just received the terrible diagnosis of cancer. Listening to your stories always brings back to me all of those feelings when Rosie was diagnosed. I remember being absolutely devastated and my heart aches for all of you going through this. I recall thinking, how could my Rosie look so healthy, and be so sick and I not even know it? I felt incredibly guilty and immediately started trying to think of how I could have prevented it or had it diagnosed sooner. Had I been feeding her the right kind of dog food? Should I not have taken her to the dog park where they just fertilized the grass? Maybe she licked her paws after I used some type of floor cleaner—everything you can imagine went through my head!

Then, I had to try to figure out the right thing to do. She was given two weeks to live. The vet asked if I wanted to do chemotherapy. It was going to cost $5,000.00, have to be given I.V. into her lungs and maybe give her an extra month to live if we were lucky. I felt a tremendous responsibility to do the right thing and I didn’t know what the right thing was. Should I put her through the chemo, would it make a difference, should I spend $5,000.00 that I couldn’t really afford, to buy her a month of life? I felt guilty as these thoughts went through my head and didn’t know where to turn. I took Rosie home from the vet and she didn’t look sick at all. I just sat on the couch, looked at her and cried. I was heartbroken.

I went online and found the K9 Immunity ™, K9 Transfer Factor ™ and K9 Omega Fish Oil ™. You can read Rosie’s story on the website or on other blog entries and will see what a difference it made for Rosie. My purpose is not to try to sell you our products, but rather to try to ease your heavy heart, sadness and guilt you might be feeling right now. This is not your fault and you are doing the very best you can for your beloved pet. How do I know that? I know because you are reading this and that means you are on the internet trying to find some answers.

For the first weeks after Rosie was diagnosed, I would come home from work every day and expect to find her dead despite the fact she appeared to be perfectly fine. Since the vet said she had two weeks to live, I just kept thinking every day would be her last. Finally, after K9 Medicinals products were working and she was still alive, I just made the decision to act like she was going to live forever! I gave her the products, changed her diet and beyond that, we just kept going for walks and behaving like she didn’t have cancer at all. I can tell you that was the best decision I ever made. We enjoyed every minute of the next two years.

Please know that if you love your pet, you will do the right thing by him and it isn’t your fault that he has cancer. Just talk to your vet, love your pet and then do what your heart tells you is the right thing to do. Love is the best medicine of all for both of you.

If you want someone to talk to, please call or e-mail me, because I am here for you. My e-mail is:

Many blessings to you and your canine family member.