Happy Sunday Morning Dear Friends,

I hope you all are hanging out in your p.j.’s with a faithful pet, reading the newspaper and having one more cup of coffee. Sundays are great days for spending some quality time with our canine and feline family members. Bogie and Baby have had breakfast and are down for their morning nap. Oh, the life of a Basset Hound!

I wanted to share with you some great feed back I recently received from two different customers. Both had dogs that had itchy spots on their bodies and were pulling the fur out between their toes and other places. They had tried everything the vet recommended, but with no success. I suggested they give our Total-Zymes Plus a try since it has probiotics (like in yogurt) and enzymes that help them digest and utilize food, with the understanding that if it didn’t help we would, of course, refund the purchase price. Within ten (10) days, both reported the itching and scratching seemed to have stopped, hair was growing back and their pets seem to feel better in general. Yipee. We frequently get such testimonials, but having two at the same time seemed especially cool! It totally made our day! Yipee!!

We love to read your success stories, so please share them either here, on our Facebook page, Twitter, write or call!

Have a great weekend!


Dorla, Bogie and Baby